‘Suicide Squad’ Spoilers: Ezra Miller ‘The Flash’ To Appear With Boomerang Origin Story?

‘Suicide Squad’ Spoilers: Ezra Miller ‘The Flash’ To Appear With Boomerang Origin Story?
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At the SDCC, Warner Bros released its final trailer for Suicide Squad along with eight new clips. While the footage was intended to increase hype and give fans a glimpse of their favorite characters, it looks like the studio has hinted the possibility of a DC superhero cameo in the movie besides Batman.


The earlier trailers had already established that Ben Affleck’s Batman would make an appearance in Suicide Squad. But a new scene from the final trailer has gotten fans speculating that The Flash will also have a cameo.

According to Comic Book Movie, based on speculation, it was suggested that the speedster would make his appearance with Boomerang’s origin story. While the theory seems far-fetched initially, the Justice League teaser trailer finally helped fans connect the dots.

In the footage, when Ben Affleck threw a Batarang at Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), his fast movement causes lightning strikes all over the room. A similar blue lightning was spotted in the final trailer of Suicide Squad as well.

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At 2:25, we can see Captain Boomerang getting knocked down by blue lightning. It could be likely that it was The Flash stopping the supervillain from robbing a bank. However, blue sparks were spotted all over the trailer in different scenes as well.

It could be possible that the Enchantress is behind the lightning. Moreover, the blue lightning also attacks Katana and other soldiers. It is highly unlikely that The Flash was responsible for it.

Furthermore, Affleck’s Batman is introduced to justify Joker and Harley Quinn’s presence in the movie. Likewise, Boomerang is one of Flash’s main nemeses, and the possibility of his appearance cannot be outright denied.

Suicide Squad will be released on August 5. For now, check out the trailer below.

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