Suicide Squad Spoilers: Details On Midway City, Rating Revealed, Predicted Box Office Revenue

Suicide Squad Spoilers: Details On Midway City, Rating Revealed, Predicted Box Office Revenue
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While Warner Bros. has currently stopped releasing further Suicide Squad trailers or teasers, it hasn’t stopped the fans from spotting jaw dropping promo billboards and posters on transportation vehicles all around the world.


Suicide Squad is currently on the verge of becoming one of the best superhero movie released this year. To keep the hype growing, Warner Bros. have been clever at revealing enough details to keep the audience on their tiptoes. By far, we know that the story will set off in Midway City next to Gotham. We also know the Eyes of the Adversary, Enchantress, The Joker are the Supervillains the Task Force X would go up against.

Recently, we came across more details on the movie’s act 1 in Midway City. Thanks to Comicbook, we got our hands on dialogue description that takes place as the Suicide Squad get to Midway City. The information below contains spoiler, brace yourself.

The members of Suicide Squad are assigned to their designated mission without any brief. Deadshot and the others are initially clueless about their task as they are standing in the rain. Losing his tolerance capability, Deadshot argues with Flag

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Deathshot says, “You know exactly what we’re walking into, don’t you?” Flag responds to him, “I tell you what you need to know, That’s how things work, You know I own a ford pickup truck with a blown engine? Not everything is relevant.”

Harley Quinn also steps in on the conversation and says, “Hi guys, Lover’s spat?” You can find the rest of the description here.

While we all know that the movie would contain a lot of action sequence, Suicide Squad has been rated 15A by Irish Film Classification Office, stating “Strong weapons violence throughout” the movie.

In other news, According to Hollywood Reporter, Suicide Squad movie will likely open at $125 million in North America for the month of August. Based on their tracking, the movie would break the current record set Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy at $94.3 million.

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