‘Suicide Squad’ R-Rated Version: Joker ‘Gold Underwear’ Scene Revealed

‘Suicide Squad’ R-Rated Version: Joker ‘Gold Underwear’ Scene Revealed
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While most of the cast members from Suicide Squad movie have revealed their utmost pleasure in playing their fictional role, it looks like Jared Leto isn’t one of them. Since its release, it has been confirmed that some of The Joker’s jaw dropping scenes were cut from the theatrical print.


Currently, it remains unconfirmed on the amount screen time that was edited out from the final cut. Furthermore, neither David Ayer nor the studio has given a plausible answer for their move.

Recently, Jared Leto revealed the reason for a removal of a scene which featured The Joker in “Gold underwear.” According to the footage below from E! News, he said, “They had to cut that scene out because it’s PG-13.”

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While it seemed like removing that scene was unnecessary, the interviewer was also surprised and said, “Gold underwear?” Jared Leto responded and clarified that “Uh… There was a little bit more than that,” implying that the scene could have required parental guidance.

By far, Warner Bros. has not revealed if the deleted scenes will be available as an extended cut in digital copy, DVD and blue-ray. Furthermore, it is unclear if the extended version would be rated R similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition as well.

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Suicide Squad movie is still out in theatres and its box office tracking has already stepped over previously released MCU titles like Deadpool, Guardians of the galaxy etc.

In other news, fan can check out the review on Suicide Squad movie. Click here. Furthermore, there have also been speculations that The Joker, Harley Quinn and Robin could be cast in Ben Affleck’s reboot Batman movie.

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