‘Suicide Squad’ Premiere: Movie Spoilers, New Soundtrack & Footage Released

‘Suicide Squad’ Premiere: Movie Spoilers, New Soundtrack & Footage Released
Suicide Squad / Facebook

Earlier on Monday, the main cast of “Suicide Squad” arrived for their world premiere. Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Karen Fukuhara stole the limelight with their jaw dropping attire for the red carpet.


Will Smith, Viola Davis and Jared Leto was also spotted at the world premiere.

Karen Fukuhara was no doubt the star of the day. The 24 year old actress will be starring in her debut movie, Suicide Squad as Katana.

The red carpet premiere was live streamed on Twitter and the official Suicide Squad page. While fans were able to watch their favorite cast share their experience, the feed was also unfortunately filled with minor and major spoilers.

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DC Fans that were part of the early screening have been revealing plot details and major twists from Suicide Squad. The page still remains unmonitored as of now.

Warner Bros. also released an extended television spot for Suicide Squad. The 1:00 minute footage reveals new scenes of Batman and the rest of main supervillains in action.

Some users on Youtube also suggest avoiding the comment section to stay away from major spoilers. “Suicide Squad” movie will be releasing on August 5th, 2016.

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Fans have already started to block certain twitter account to avoid spoilers as well.

We will be revealing one big one here though. Read on only if you want to: 

Some of the leaked details suggested that El Diablo and another supervillain from the Suicide Squad will die in the movie. Awww.

A new soundtrack was released on Apple Music earlier on Monday. Zane Lowe’s World Record: Kehlani- “Gangsta” is embedded below. Some fans are speculating the track to be a background theme used to explain the relationship shared by Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Warner Bros. has confirmed to officially lift its embargo on reviews for Suicide Squad on Tuesday. DC fans can expect detailed review and analysis of the movie after 9 PM PST.

Early reviews already suggest the movie to be a success. Furthermore, actor Jared Leto and the rest of the main cast were also appreciated for their character portrayal in the movie.

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