‘Suicide Squad’ New Trailer Reveals Joker’s Laugh, Amanda Waller In Action & More

‘Suicide Squad’ New Trailer Reveals Joker’s Laugh, Amanda Waller In Action & More
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While there’s a lot of anticipation for Suicide Squad, fans have been aching to hear more than just dialogues from The Joker. Earlier this week, Mark Hamill gave us a glimpse of his chilling laugh for Batman: The Killing Joke during a panel. Since then, there has been debates  as to whether Jared Leto can fill in Hamill’s shoes.


In one of the previous trailers for Suicide Squad, viewers can hear a short laugh from Leto. Although it definitely succeeded in giving fans goosebumps, it wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, Warner Bros. released another extended teaser for Suicide Squad. The trailer was first spotted in IMDb as an exclusive clip.

At 0:34, we see a scene with Leto as Joker giving us a sample of his chilling laugh fading into the soundtrack. But that’s not all. It looks like fans will be awestruck after witnessing Viola Davis’ role as Amanda Waller.

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The clip also reveals new scenes from the movie. We get to see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and the explosives around her neck, Karen Fukuhara’s Katana in an intense moment with a samurai sword, and Will Smith bonding with Rick Flag.

While we haven’t seen a lot of Batman in the previous teasers and trailer, the clip reveals the Batmobile cruising through a turn. It’s possible that in the scene, Batman is tracking the Suicide Squad in Midway City.

Suicide Squad will be released on August 5, 2016. The cast and director of the movie will be at San Diego Comic-con to talk about the movie.

In other news, theTask Force X character profiles have been released. Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress will be jaw-dropping as we expected.

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