Suicide Squad Movie Spoilers: Footage Of Cara Delevingne As Enchantress, Harley Quinn, The Joker & More

Suicide Squad Movie Spoilers: Footage Of Cara Delevingne As Enchantress, Harley Quinn, The Joker & More
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As DCEU’s Suicide Squad movie is barely a month from its public release, the studio isn’t quite done with its promotional campaign yet. By far Warner Bros has gone to the extent of allowing the press to reveal the first act’s dialogue from the movie.


While we fairly have an idea on Suicide Squad’s storyline, some new fans are still puzzled over the abilities the supervillain’s posses. The Joker is known for his insanity while Harley Quinn is his twin version. But what about the others?

Suicide Squad profile videos of all the members from Task Force X surfaced online thanks to io9. The videos are less than 30 second, but they provide fans a glimpse at their traits along with a caution note.

The video also revealed new scenes of Amanda Waller in action in the movie. Among all members, it looks like El Diablo has the strongest power in the group. On the other hand, Slipknot could be the most boring character in the movie. You can check out the videos below.

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The events in Suicide Squad movie is set in a post Batman v Superman timeline. The action takes place in Midway City next to Gotham, justifying the Batman’s appearance in the movie.

According to recent tracking records, Suicide Squad movie is on the road to stepping over Marvel in terms of Box Office earning. David Ayer’s movie could earn a whopping $125 million compared to Guardians of the Galaxy’s $94.3million in the month of August.

The movie has been rated PG-13, but the Irish Film Classification Office have rated the movie 15A for containing strong gun violence. We can expect to hear more news or a new trailer for Suicide Squad during their appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.  Suicide Squad movie will be released on August 5.

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