‘Suicide Squad’ Movie News: ‘Honest’ Review Goes Viral

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie News: ‘Honest’ Review Goes Viral
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Earlier this week DCEU’s “Suicide Squad” movie was slammed with negative reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. Since then, there have been speculations that the website is purposely being biased against it.


Some DC fans were also speculating that selected reviewers were clickbaiting their readers with negative headlines for “Suicide Squad” movie review. While fans remain puzzled  if the movie was a success or a failure for Warner Bros., Patty Jenkins gave her honest opinion.

The Director of Wonder Woman recently posted a tweet with her response after watching “Suicide Squad” movie. Patty Jenkins wrote that she “loved” the movie and was “surprised by some reviews.” Furthermore, she also said that “it was awesome” and wasn’t being biased about her review as she belong to the “DC world.”

Since then her tweet has gone viral and Patty Jenkin’s followers have been appreciating her for the honesty. Moreover, DC fans have also been showing their support for her upcoming movie Wonder Woman and are expecting to a bigger hit than previous DC titles.

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The whole cast of “Suicide Squad” was recently spotted at the European Premiere for the movie. Moreover, the Justice League members also made their appearance.

In other news, some troll users have been leaking potential spoilers from the movie. Interested DC fans can find out the characters that die in “Suicide Squad” from here.

It has also been revealed that The Flash also appears as a cameo in the movie. Furthermore, it was also leaked that a mysterious new character is unveiled in the movie.

“Suicide Squad”  movie will be releasing on August 5th, 2016. Fans can also check out the positive early reviews published by film critics here.


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