‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Jason Todd As The Joker, David Ayer Responds; Margot Robbie Hates Captain America?

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Jason Todd As The Joker, David Ayer Responds; Margot Robbie Hates Captain America?
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Since David Ayer began directing Suicide Squad, fans have come across many rumors. Lately, the growing hype for the movie has led fans to deduct more theories from recent trailer and teasers.


One important dialogue spoken by Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne to Jeremy Irons’ Alfred Pennyworth in Batman v Superman is, “Twenty years in Gotham. How many good guy are left, how many stayed that way.” The sentence has been a victim to far-fetched speculation since the release of the movie.

Fortunately, in a recent interview with Ayer, the theory was shattered. Ayer even said this is the most ridiculous theory he has heard for the movie.

It is possible that Bruce Wayne meant to mention Harvey Dent’s transformation to Two-Face. However, as pointed out by Comic Book Movie, although DCEU is taking a different approach, it’s not possible that Ayer and Geoff Johns would undermine the story of A Death in the Family from DC Comics to such an extent.

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Earlier this week, another speculation for Suicide Squad has appeared. Spotted in the final trailer, there’s a theory suggesting that The Flash would make a cameo in the movie. It has already been confirmed that Batman will appear during a confrontation with The Joker.

Fans believe the speedster’s appearance will be justified by including him in Boomerang’s origin story in the movie. As of now, the theory has not been shot down by the production team.

In other news, ET Canada posted a tweet, revealing Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn interested in bashing Captain America with her bat. Check out the tweet below. Suicide Squad movie will be released on August 5, 2016.

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