‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘Justice League’ Crossover Possible: Killer Croc To Fight Aquaman?

‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘Justice League’ Crossover Possible: Killer Croc To Fight Aquaman?
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Since the release of “Suicide Squad” movie, the response from the audience has been mixed. However, fans cannot deny that the film is on the road to success in terms of Box Office.


Earlier this week, the main cast of Suicide Squad spoke about their experience with the movie and shared some information on what fans can expect next. During their interview with MTV, the main topic seemed to be the possibility of “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League” crossover.  But that wasn’t all.

Actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje also shared his views on the crossover. The Killer Croc made a remark that he “would take on Aquaman” if the Suicide Squad went up against Justice League. He also sent a message saying, “Come on with it, Jason Momoa, I’m ready!.” Watch the video below.

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While the face off would definitely be epic between the two, Aquaman, as the ruler of Atlantis and his control over aquatic creatures would lead him to be the winner. However, Killer Croc wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Jared Leto also revealed some details on his fictional character The Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. However, it seems like the actor was just trying to be sarcastic in the interview.

A fight between the Justice League and Task Force X would likely take place. In the mid credit scene of Suicide Squad, *SPOILER ALERT* Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne warns Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller to shut down the Task Force X or the Justice League will.

The crossover could also eventually lead to a team up in Justice League movie. If Darkseid is the main supervillain in the film, then DCEU would bring in all its forces on earth to go up against the evil god.

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