Suicide Squad’ Deleted Scenes List Leaked?

Suicide Squad’ Deleted Scenes List Leaked?
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Suicide Squad is about to prove the critics at Rotten Tomatoes wrong, as the movie is set to smash box office records. And along with this hype comes an unconfirmed rumor about deleted scenes from the movie.


Moviegoers seem to have noticed that a bit too many scenes were left out of the movie giving rise to speculation. It seems a few scenes from the official trailers didn’t make the final cut for the movie.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the film was reportedly test screened a few months ago. Apparently the movie shown in the test screening and the ones currently in theaters are two different versions of the film.

In addition, a Reddit user shared a list of Suicide Squad deleted scenes adding more fuel to the rumor. The deleted scenes allegedly showcase a much darker film than the ones showing in theaters.

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Given that Suicide Squad is a villain-centric movie, not to mention two psychotic characters, it would make sense for it to be dark. However the decision could have been made to make the film appeal to a much larger audience.

According to Comic Book Movie, Jared Leto, who played the Joker has been the most vocal on the matter. Leto recently expressed his dissatisfaction about how almost all of his scenes were cut from the final product.

The Suicide Squad deleted scenesd allegedly include a lot more of the Joker and his twisted relationship with Harley Quinn. As for Quinn, her character was depicted as much more dark and abusive and not just a crazy eye candy.

While the Suicide Squad deleted scenes list is an unofficial compilation, it pretty much says it all regarding which parts were cut. The deleted scenes could have been the reason why the film’s critical reception was poor.

It is still to be seen whether the Suicide Squad deleted scenes will be included in the director’s cut of the movie. Suicide Squad is currently showing in theaters.

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