Subway Fires Jared Fogle Right Before A Plea Deal On Child Pornography; Subway-Fogle Controversy Ending Now?

Subway Fires Jared Fogle Right Before A Plea Deal On Child Pornography; Subway-Fogle Controversy Ending Now?
Jared Fogle, the spokesman of Subway restaurants speaks to Marines at Wounded Warrior Battalion-East on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Dec. 7. He has visited multiple military installations around the world. (Official U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Pfc. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera) Pfc. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera / Wikimedia Commons
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When it comes to Jared Fogle, Subway has had enough – especially when there is wide speculation that Fogle is set to take a plea deal involving a child pornography investigation. Just a few hours earlier, Subway took to its official Twitter account to confirm that the company has severed its ties with Fogle.


According to the Daily Mail, Fogle, 37, is expected to plead guilty to child pornography. Meanwhile, he is also under investigation by the FBI for sexual abuse. ABC News reports that law enforcement agents raided his home in Zionsville, Indiana as part of a child pornography investigation in early July. Following this, Subway had decided to suspend its relationship with Fogle while the investigation is ongoing.

Fogle’s right-hand man charged with child pornography

The raid happened after Russell Taylor, the executive director of Fogle’s foundation, was arrested on child pornography charges. Taylor reportedly faces eight preliminary federal felony charges, which includes multiple counts of possession of child pornography, child exploitation and voyeurism. The Jared Foundation was said to be a dedicated promoter of children’s health.

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Aside from child pornography allegations, Fogle is also under investigation for sexual abuse as he reportedly had sexual intercourse with a 16-year old girl and even bragged about it to a colleague.

Damning text messages

A series of text message transcripts obtained by the Business Insider revealed that Fogle communicated with former Subway franchisee to set up a meeting between the franchisee’s underage cousin and himself. At one point, Fogle seemingly admitted to paying $100 to have sex with a girl who had advertised herself on Craigslist.

Following the exchange, the said franchisee asked Subway if she could be allowed to remove all marketing materials related to Fogle from her store. Moreover, the franchisee’s lawyer also told Business Insider that the franchisee had “specifically warned them that he should not be interacting with young people.”

Fogle’s Subway glory days

Subway engaged in a relationship with Fogle sometime back in 2000. Fogle lost a lot of weight following a steady diet of Subway turkey and vegetable sandwiches. He has since been known as the face of Subway.

On his Twitter account, Fogle continues to call himself a “Subway spokesman.” However, he has not been active on Twitter since July 5, around the time the child pornography investigation started.