Study Reveals What Airline Passengers Hate About Travel During Thanksgiving

Study Reveals What Airline Passengers Hate About Travel During Thanksgiving
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According to the American Automobile Association, there will be as much as 65,000 extra airline passengers this year. And it is safe to say that a good number of them will be making their way to their destinations in time for Thanksgiving.


Travel during Thanksgiving is always a challenge and a new study by Qualtrics reveals the top things that have made it to the Airline Pain Index this year.

When you are traveling during a busy season, so many things can go wrong. The results of the Qualtrics study sent to Morning News USA reveal that while a lot of things can dampen passenger spirit while traveling during Thanksgiving, nothing is worse than losing a luggage. In fact, 88 percent of passengers surveyed have said that a lost luggage is “very bothersome.” And in fact, this would be so bad that airline passengers say it will be a deal-breaker, along with hidden fees.

Meanwhile, the study also reveals that premium passengers care a lot about various things during their travel for Thanksgiving. For one, having uncomfortable seats may lead 1-in-5 premium fliers to switch airlines for good. Meanwhile, 41% of these premium fliers also said they would opt to fly with another airline if they find the flight crew unfriendly. In addition, as much as 29 percent of these premium fliers have said they would be bothered if in-flight entertainment options were poor. At the same time, 13 percent coach travelers have said the same thing.

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As far as gender differences are concerned, the study also reveals that 34 percent of women have said they will choose to never fly with the airline again if they are faced with an unclean bathroom. In contrast, only 23 percent of men have said they would be bothered by this. Meanwhile, 45 percent of women have said they would not want to fly with an airline again if they discover hidden fees. On the other hand, 35 percent of men would also react the same way to hidden fees.

Qualtrics has conducted the study through an online survey involving 520 adult in the U.S. who have flown during the previous year.