Strong Winds Blow 64 Rail Cars From Texas Overpass

Strong Winds Blow 64 Rail Cars From Texas Overpass
Storm Chasing with The Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt Team Anthony Quintano / Flickr CC BY 2.0

As many as 64 empty rail cars from an East Texas overpass were blown by strong winds from a tornado. While no injuries have been reported, the severe weather caused the closure of a highway.


According to WTNH, winds of at least 40 miles per hour blew cars from the Angelina and Neches River Railroad overpass onto Loop 287 near U.S. 69. The incident occurred on Sunday at about 7 a.m. The damage caused included downing of street signs, electricity lines and trees along the rail bed, Sgt. Dale Jowell said.

A picture showing a train blown off its tracks, as it crossed the highway, was shared on Facebook by the Lufkin, Texas Police Department. It could take 48 hours to right the rail cars.

The severe winds came as part of a weather system that has produced two tornadoes and caused massive power outage in Texas. The Weather Network said that one of these tornadoes, which occurred in the state’s northeast, caused damage to 50 homes in the community of Lindale. The mayor of the town has declared a disaster. No injuries have been reported.

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There is a possibility of more tornadoes on Sunday.