‘Steven Universe’ Season 4: Indefinitely Delayed Or Cancelled?

‘Steven Universe’ Season 4: Indefinitely Delayed Or Cancelled?
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Steven Universe season 4 has gone into an indefinite hiatus following its September 15 episode. However, it is speculated that the show will return on Catroon Network on or before Thanksgiving.


During the “Summer of Steven” event, which ran from June 2 to August 10, a new episode was aired almost every day. On August 11, the show returned to its regular Thursday schedule, with the latest episode airing on September 15. The show has gone into an indefinite hiatus with no fixed date of return.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss when the series might return. The next episode is titled “Gem Harvest,” and according to a Redditor, it means Gem Thanksgiving.

It has been claimed that episode 8 will feature the Crystal Gems and the ancestors of the people of Beach City in a flashback sequence, in which they will be seen sharing a Thanksgiving dinner, the Vine Report reported. This theory also suggested that the episode will air on or before November 24, which is Thanksgiving day.

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Moreover, showrunner Rebecca Sugar and the crew of the series are planning on delivering more new episodes before the end of the year. Some of the purported titles of the season 4 episodes include “Tiger Philanthropist,” “Lars’ Car,” “Oceangate,” “Breakfast or Bust,” “Flower Tower,” “Steven’s Sister,” and “Free Pizza,” according to Tumblr.

According to the list, fans are likely to have 19 more episodes of the series.

According to a report by the Game n Guide, the season 4 will most likely reveal whether or not Onion is able to save the day by talking to gems. There will also be issues that would complicate friendships.

On the last episode of Steven Universe, Steven spends time with Onion and it was later revealed that Onion could potentially talk to gems. This means Onion can convince the gems into grouping together and form a bubble.

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