Steve Peacocke From ‘Home and Away’ To Star In New TV Series ‘Wanted’

Steve Peacocke From ‘Home and Away’ To Star In New TV Series ‘Wanted’
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Former “Home and Away” star Steve Peacocke has been cast in drama series “Wanted” produced by Rebecca Gibney. The series in question is commissioned by Seven.


Steve has completed working for two American films. When asked about his role in “Wanted,” the “Home and Away” star said, “I wanted to play something with a bit more of a rough edge, a bit more ordinary.”

Gibney has started shooting for the new drama “Wanted.” The idea was conceived four months ago. The series will be aired next year. Rebecca is one of the top stars on Australian television and she is going to produce the drama along with her husband. While discussing it, she said, “It has a lot of black humour, think Thelma & Louise meets Breaking Bad, but it’s got heart.”

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The character of Steve will be a police officer who is trying to to find a woman. Other actors in the show include Gibney, Geraldine Hakewill and Nicholas Bell.

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In August this year, Digital Spy reported that Peacocke will return to “Home and Away” for a mysterious role. He was presumed dead in one of the episodes of the show and now he is all set to come back.

Peacocke said at that time, “The show has been so good to me in terms of launching my career, so it is just something I always wanted to do — if there was any way I could be a part of something in the future.” He also mentioned, “I can’t say anything about what is going to happen, but it is something the audience is going to love, which is part of why I thought it would be a nice bookend.”