Steve Harvey To Host Miss Universe For Many Years To Come

Steve Harvey To Host Miss Universe For Many Years To Come
From Miss Universe
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The world was shocked when “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe 2015. Although he apologized for his mistake over and over again, Colombia lawyers are allegedly discontent with his apology and are planning to sue the Miss Universe pageant. Did you see this coming?


Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, was mistakenly crowned Miss Universe 2015 last Sunday. Unfortunately, Steve Harvey, host of “Family Feud,” came back onstage, apologized, and declared the rightful winner of the pageant, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines.

According to The Source, ABC, an affiliate of WGNO, reported that the Colombian people were not happy at all about Harvey’s mistake. In fact, lawyers of the state are planning to sue to host and impose him to pay $5 million dollars for his mistake that not only embarrassed their representative but also gave their citizens false hope. Furthermore, the Colombians also suggested that “the crown is an acquired right that cannot be taken away from us.”

Given that, several reports online suggest that the Colombians had made assumptions about the alleged “change” of the card before Harvey came back onstage. In fact, they also suggested that Colombia was the rightful owner of the title and that Philippines was crowned as a hoax. Although these were from random netizens’ perceptions, the judges of the pageant did certify that they unanimously declared Miss Philippines as Miss Universe 2015 and that she deserved the crown.

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In other news, Entertainment Online reported that although Harvey messed up during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, the media agency that purchased the Miss Universe organization from Donald Trump will still acquire the services of Harvey as host for Miss Universe 2016, 2017, and 2018. In fact, the report indicates that he was given a “hearty” contract to host the said event not only because he was a favorite of the network, but because the Miss Universe Organization did not retain any ill-feelings for the comedian’s error during the pageant.

Although Steve Harvey may have apologized to everyone for crowning the wrong Miss Universe 2015, Miss Colombia and the lawyers of her state were reportedly planning to sue the host for $5 million due to his mistake. Despite the possible lawsuit, Harvey will continue to host the Miss Universe pageants for at least three more years.