Stephen Hawking Death Threat: Photos Of Sultry Woman Stalking Him!

Stephen Hawking Death Threat: Photos Of Sultry Woman Stalking Him!
Az univerzum, ahogy Stephen Hawking látja Lwp Kommunikáció / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Many people from all over the world love genius physicist Stephen Hawking, but this 37-year-old woman brought her obsession to the highest, unimaginable level.


According to a report from The Sun, Jenny Contonio had an elaborate plan to stalk the physics genius at the recently held Tenerife science festival. Reports showed that Contonio, who was born in the U.S., carried a detailed itinerary of Hawking.

She reportedly told officers that she planned to seduce the 74-year-old astrophysicist with her “sexy ass.” But apart from her elaborate plan to stalk Stephen Hawking, she allegedly sent a series of death threats to the unsuspecting scientist.

Contonio, who was arrested by Spanish police officials, was sentenced to four months of jail time. The suspect told arresting officers, “I’m lonely and I love him.”

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Authorities have also found out that Contonio stalked the scientist during his visit in Sweden last year.

“I figured after a whole year he should be willing to see me rather than get his needs fulfilled elsewhere . . . either that or we’re over. I decided to get ready and give him one last chance and wear my sky blue Monroe halter dress looking all sexy ass standing in front of a perfume stall,” Contonio was quoted as saying by The Sun.

According to Madrid-based news agency Spanish News Today, Hawking’s daughter said that the scientist had been receiving death threats via social media; one was sent to his email account.

During the event, security has been intensified around the venue where Hawking presented a talk entitled “A Brief History of Mine.” During the event, which was attended by Nobel laureates, Stephen Hawking predicted that humans would never survive on Earth in the next thousandth year.

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