Stephen Colbert Presents Funny But Accurate Bill Clinton Impression To Hillary Clinton

Stephen Colbert Presents Funny But Accurate Bill Clinton Impression To Hillary Clinton
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The Late Show host Stephen Colbert met with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a day before the New York primaries. Of course, no self-respecting comic does an interview with Hillary Clinton without doing a Bill Clinton impression.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Colbert invited the Democratic frontrunner for lunch at the famous Carnegie Deli. Mrs. Clinton obliged, since she was “coincidentally” hungry as well.

The Late Show host began the 5-minute interview by asking if eating meat would cause friction between her and her husband due to the fact that former president Bill Clinton is a vegan. Mrs. Clinton assured him that there will be none. Colbert replied that the former president doesn’t seem to fit the “legal” definition of a vegan for not being smug about it.

Colbert continued with an excellent impression of President Clinton, saying, “That sandwich had a face. That sandwich is somebody’s little baby,” to which Mrs. Clinton responded that her husband is a very open-minded vegan.

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Variety reported that the interview continued with Colbert, asking Clinton subjects ranging from her opinion on her potential rival Donald Trump, the Congress, and Washington DC. Colbert did another impression of Mrs. Clinton’s husband when he asked about their granddaughter, much to the amusement of the candidate. He asked if his impression was good and if Mrs. Clinton couldn’t tell the difference between him and her husband.

Colbert finished the interview by showing Mrs. Clinton the “proper” way to eat a cheesecake: Always use a fork, then take a tiny piece off the end and eat as much as you want, taking the whole slab by the hand and eating it. Mrs. Clinton is obviously amused by Colbert’s antics, unable to hold her laughter.

Colbert excuses himself from the table and exits the establishment, seemingly leaving Mrs. Clinton to foot the bill for their lunch.

Watch the full video here:

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