Steamy Justin Bieber Song Leaked Online

Steamy Justin Bieber Song Leaked Online
Justin Bieber Joe Bielawa / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A new song of Justin Bieber has been leaked online. The new song is called “Oh Girl” and it is about the act of lovemaking. The piano-laden song is too sensuous as it is talking about the act, though no nasty words are used.


The song “Oh Girl” by Justin Bieber is about liking a girl and praising her body. It is called one of the most sensuous songs released this year so far. The leak is already creating a lot of speculation, Vanity Fair reports.

The song hit the internet on February 22. The last album of Justin Bieber was released three months ago. However, that does not stop the lad from releasing something new and steamy.

The song in question is a leaked version. However, there is no confirmation if the song uses his vocals or not. However, the vocals seem to be of Justin Bieber, Refinery 29 states.

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The lyrics of the song goes like, “Your body is so insane, you’re making me call your name.” It continues, “like a rush every single time we touch” and “I’m thankful that I’m here with you.” The lyrics continue, “I just need to hold you tight because you’re all mine.”

This song is a major leak, but it is not known whom the song is written for. It is sure that Justin Bieber is talking about one particular girl he is connected to. It can be anyone from his present or even Selena Gomez, who he has looked up to. He is putting some crazy throwbacks of Selena Gomez on his Instagram profile lately.

Have you checked out the song yet? Listen to Justin Bieber’s “Oh Girl” right here.