STD Is Why People Invented Marriage – Study

STD Is Why People Invented Marriage – Study
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Marriage is a sacred bond, a promise between two people to share their lives with each other forever.


However, a study conducted revealed that the concept of marriage was created only to avoid sexually transmitted diseases among ancient farmers.

As a trait, monogamy is prevalent in only three percent of the mammal species. Ancient farmers were known to engage in an activity that is also currently called as “sleeping around.” The study found that just like today, such practice increased the scope of contraction of diseases like genital herpes. According to the study, the STDs became more prevalent in large groups of people dwelling in villages, towns and cities and the increase in cases happened after hunter gatherers settled down to farm.

With STDs on the rise, a shift started to happen. As revealed by the study which was first reported by Discovery News, polygamists then started being considered outcasts and the ancient farmers started choosing their respective partners to make love with exclusively.

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A mathematical model created to show the demographics of hunter gatherers and the likely sexually transmitted infections spread among them showed “how growing STI disease burden in larger residential group sizes can foster the emergence of socially imposed monogamy in human mating.”

The study revealed “how events in natural systems, such as the spread of contagious diseases, can strongly influence the development of social norms and in particular our group oriented judgements. Our research illustrates how mathematical models are not only used to predict the future, but also to understand the past,” Professor Chris Bauch, the lead author of the study was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

He also added that the natural environment “can strongly influence the development of social norms, and in particular our group-oriented judgements.”

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