State Dep’t Says 15 New Emails Not Turned Over By Hillary Clinton, Contradicting Previous Claim

State Dep’t Says 15 New Emails Not Turned Over By Hillary Clinton, Contradicting Previous Claim
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The odds are against Democrat forerunner Hillary Clinton as State Department said on Thursday 15 emails related to Libya were not turned over by Clinton when she left office, according to the news.


State Department’s claim bolstered last week’s revelation by the Select Committee –probing into the Benghazi attack – that the panel unearthed new emails from Sidney Blumenthal that Clinton did not include when she turned over her email servers to the State Department.

Blumenthal was Clinton’s confidant during the latter’s tenure as the Secretary of State. The State Department claimed it made a comparison of emails that were given by Blumenthal and those that were surrendered by Clinton then found 9 new emails and some parts of six others, it has been reported.

News also said that during the exchange of correspondences, Blumenthal was not connected with the State Department but notwithstanding that, Blumenthal’s routine included providing Clinton with intelligence memos concerning Libya that Clinton reportedly disseminated to her deputies.

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Lindsey Graham Stepping In

With such disclosure, Republican presidential contender Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina found an opportunity to step deeper into Clinton’s issue, saying he is planning to submit a set of questions to the State Department asking the latter for an explanation on why it allowed the former Secretary of State to use a personal email account.

The New York Times reported that the State Department’s statement — corroborating the finding of the Select Committee earlier — would inflict more pressure on Representative John A. Boehner from Ohio who is the current House Speaker to issue a subpoena to recover Clinton’s server which is being kept at Clinton’s house.

Clinton’s Spokersperson Mum On Blumenthals’ Correspondence

Meanwhile, Nick Merrill, Clinton’s spokesperson told Reuters on Thursday that Democrat Presidential contender Hillary Clinton stood by her previous stand on the deleted emails, saying “all emails in her possession from Mr. Blumenthal” have all been turned over to the department.

He also said he could not issue an explanation on the “origins” of the newly added emails Blumenthal gave to the Committee. Republican Representative Trey Gowdy and head of the Select Committee remarked that the incomplete set of Clinton’s emails raised “serious questions” on her claim she indeed deleted all her emails.