Starbucks Looking To Make Office Delivery A Habit, Catering To Just The Empire State Building For Now

Starbucks Looking To Make Office Delivery A Habit, Catering To Just The Empire State Building For Now
Starbucks Green Apron Delivery Service Starbucks Website
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If you can’t come to the barista, the barista will come to you. That is pretty much the philosophy behind a new revolutionary delivery service from Starbucks that caters to the specific coffee and food needs of a particular building. It’s office delivery, but Starbucks likes to call it the Green Apron Delivery service.


Starbucks’ new Green Apron Delivery is unique in that it is not just a regular delivery person that goes up to your desk, reception area or common area to give your food and drink. Rather, it is a barista who has taken the time to craft your beverage and prepare your food. And right now, this personalized service can already be enjoyed by 12,000 people working in the Empire State Building.

The way it works is that a Starbucks customer has to go online first to create an account for Green Apron Delivery. And to begin creating this account, you have to choose the building you work in. For the Empire State delivery service, Starbucks says that beverages ordered by customers are handcrafted by Starbucks baristas onsite. This has been made possible by a kitchen designated for Starbucks within the building. And since the beverages are done onsite, Starbucks employees are able to prepare the customer’s beverage and food within a 30-minute timeframe, ensuring that the customer’s order stays fresh. Following this, it’s safe to say that Starbucks will be running the same set-up the moment it offers its Green Apron Delivery service to other buildings.

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Meanwhile, Starbucks says they have another delivery service coming soon to Seattle. With the help of its partner, Postmates, Starbucks is looking to deliver orders from the Starbucks app for iPhone, whether the destination is a home, office or even a park bench.

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