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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Theories, Spoilers: Supreme Leader Snoke Is Ezra Bridger?

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Theories, Spoilers: Supreme Leader Snoke Is Ezra Bridger?
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Theories, Spoilers: Supreme Leader Snoke Is Ezra Bridger?

Followers of Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels season 3 appeared to have been wanting to know more theories and spoilers about Ezra Bridger.

While the character seems to be mysterious to some, a certain fan has theorized that might just be Supreme Leader Snoke.

What could have been the basis for this theory? Is there really a clear indication that would connect the human, who eventually became a Jedi, to the dark leader?

If there is, what could be the explanation to this?

Amid the numerous questions surrounding the Lucasfilm project’s characters, fans have continued to share their speculations as they aim to give light to these mysteries, which might be given clarification in the upcoming episodes of Star Wars Rebels season 3, which premiered on Saturday.

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According to Reddit user –red-5-, there is a strong possibility that Ezra Bridger is Supreme Leader Snoke.

With codename Spectre 6 being tempted to the dark side at the end of Star Wars Rebels season 2, it was hinted that he would be pushed there further following the death of Kanan.

“Look at the mask that Kanan wore when blinded and tell me it isn’t similar in form to Kylo’s mask,” the said Reddit user noted in his own Star Wars Rebels season 3 spoilers and theories. “Ezra will form the Knights of Ren and will exist in the shadows as Maul, his new master, has done and using the mask of his fallen friend as his costume.”

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Commenting on this speculation, another fan pointed out that this could not be possible since accordingly, a post on Twitter has already confirmed that the Knights of Ren was formed by no other than Kylo Ren after he decided to be on the dark side. Therefore, this might not be seen in Star Wars Rebels season 3.

Meanwhile, Andy Serkis, the actor who portrayed Snoke in the “Star Wars” movie, told Entertainment Weekly in November that he himself is not keen of who his character really is.

Will Star Wars Rebels season 3 finally resolve the puzzle behind the true identity of Ezra Bridger and Snoke?

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