Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Dies In Episode 8? Mark Hamill Responds

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Dies In Episode 8? Mark Hamill Responds
The Force Awakens panel at Celebration Anaheim. Amy / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Lately, there have been a lot of speculation on Star Wars Episode 8. Fans and online journalists are snooping around the internet to find theories or details on the upcoming movie. Recently, a comment made by Mark Hamill fell victim to misleading rumors.


During his appearance to support a homeless charity in London, Hamill said, “I finish Episode VIII, and then I’m out of work.” While it’s reasonable to speculate, the internet was filled with headlines suggesting and implying the death of Luke Skywalker in episode 8. However, the rumor didn’t last long.

According to Collider, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to clarify his statement. Hamill may have clarified his comment. But the actor didn’t deny his death in Star Wars Episode 8. Judging by the events in the Force Awakens, it’s possible that Luke Skywalker could meet his end.

As of now, there is speculation that comes close to confirming that Star Wars: Episode 8 would continue the plot right after the ending of the movie that came before it, the Force Awakens. The previously leaked set images also suggest that the movie has started its initial shooting right in the middle of a mysterious deserted island.

Star Wars Episode 8 is still under production, though, and it will be releasing on December 15, 2017. There was previous speculation on reddit suggesting that the movie will have the title “Fall of the Resistance,” but it is yet to receive its official subtitle. Stay tuned for more Star Wars news.

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  • Cikha RomanogersSkywalker

    Luke most likely will meet his end in star wars 8.Why?First,he’s no longer the main character(he was replaced by Rey).Second,usually in star wars universe the old jedi who teaches his/her apprentice who is destinated to defeat the dark side will end up become one with the force and will guide their student as a force ghost.Third,the main story is already focusing on Rey not him anymore,his time has ended when Episode VI ended.
    Anyway,don’t hate me for this post.I’m just saying my opinion.I do love Luke Skywalker.He’s one of my fav character after Mara Jade.