Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer, Title, And Spoilers: Han Solo Funeral Scene; Luke Skywalker Powers Revealed

Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer, Title, And Spoilers: Han Solo Funeral Scene; Luke Skywalker Powers Revealed
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The iconic Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, in a discussion panel this weekend at Star Wars Celebration Europe revealed what might turn out to be a huge spoiler for the “Star Wars Episode 8.”


According to Huffington Post, when Warwick Davis, the panel host, asked Carrie Fisher about her ideas on the time period in between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens,” she mistakenly said two words which seized upon everyone’s attention.

Fisher said, “Han’s funeral…”, after misunderstanding the question. What does these two word mean?

Does it mean that in the beginning of the upcoming film we’ll get to see Han’s funeral being prepared by Leia? Or does it mean that the rest of the rebels and Leia have already been a part of his funeral in the time between “Force Awakens” and the upcoming film? If such is the case then the last of Han Solo has probably been witnessed.

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According to News Everyday, a new theory has revealed that incredible powers will be showcased by Luke Skywalker. Although restricted amount of details about him has been disclosed, the  teasers reveal that Luke is hiding on the planet “Ahch-To.”

The You Tube channel of Mike Zeroh suggested that the planet Ahch-To is covered mainly in water.  It  is also believed that the Star Destroyer is going to be destroyed on this planet.

Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, in a baffling special effects scene, merely stands on the planet full of water as the FX and CGI do their work.

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This particular scene speculates that part where Luke using his enormous powers, will take down a Star Destroyer.

Theory suggests that this scene is inspired from the video game named “Force unleashed,” where in a part Starkiller uses his Force to bring down a Star Destroyer.

Another video from Mike Zeroh speculates that as Luke Skywalker  of “The Force Awakens” is the cliffhanger, hence, the upcoming movie will be about Rey’s training to develop into a Jedi.

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