‘Star Wars: Episode 8′ News: Focus On Luke Skywalker; Rey Adopted?

‘Star Wars: Episode 8′ News: Focus On Luke Skywalker; Rey Adopted?
Luke Skywalker ROTJ Gordon Tarpley / Flickr CC

As “Star Wars: Episode 8” spoilers continue to make headlines, it has been surmised that Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) will be highlighted in the upcoming installment.


Considering this, will Rey (Daisy Ridley) be introduced finally as his daughter? Or should we say, is she really his daughter?

For the avid fans of the J.J. Abrams film, it is definitely important to know what Luke Skywalker is up to considering that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ended with him still being a mystery.

With more than a year still left before “Star Wars: Episode 8” premieres, Cinema Blend gathered several spoilers on what is expected especially those about the well-loved last remaining Jedi.

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As Luke Skywalker went into hiding for years, it is surely expected the reason behind it will get unveiled already.

Accordingly, one possible reason of his decision to stay away from everyone is his utmost desire “to keep people safe.” It can be noted that whoever stays near him, he or she becomes a collateral damage.

Meanwhile, another exciting detail of “Star Wars: Episode 8” which fans should look forward to is the discovery that Luke Skywalker could be hiding the tree that has special powers inside his new Jedi Academy.

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Could it be another reason why he has been hiding since he wants to protect it?

In the meantime, International Business Times reported that contrary to speculations stating that Rey could be Luke Skywalker’s daughter, there is a strong possibility that she is actually the grandchild of Emperor Palpatine.

And this new fan theory is supported by some evidences.

The first proof cited was the way she fought during the last installment, wherein it was pointed out that her style of using the lightsaber has semblance to the late Emperor’s.

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The second evidence was said to be her English accent.

The third and last evidence was the “pull to the dark side of The Force for Rey in ‘The Force Awakens.’”

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  • JC

    Why is this movie getting so much attention and it is more than a year away? Talk about over-hyping.

    • Tim Sawyer

      Because this isn’t just a movie we’re talking about, it’s STAR WARS. It is literally not possible to over hype STAR WARS.

  • Greg

    Not a single shred of actual news in this article. It is all based on cockamamie fan theories based on nothing tangible.

  • pm punk

    This tells us NOTHING! Also how would she Lukes daughter AND Palpatines Granddaughter like wtf? did Luke get with Palpatines daughter? wtf