‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ News: Luke Skywalker Proves Rey Is His Daughter Via Training?

‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ News: Luke Skywalker Proves Rey Is His Daughter Via Training?
Luke Skywalker ROTJ Gordon Tarpley / Flickr CC
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Has Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) proven that Rey (Daisy Ridley) is his daughter by giving her the best training in Star Wars: Episode 8?


Previous spoilers of the highly-popular film’s eighth installment have already pointed out that the true identity of Rey is something that fans should look forward to. Is she really the daughter of the last Jedi? Is she good or bad?

With the audience having almost no idea who she really is, except for being a scavenger, her real background is definitely intriguing. According to International Business Times, Luke Skywalker, who showed up to Rey at the last part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be training her to become a Master Jedi in Star Wars: Episode 8.

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The IBT spoilers suggested that “The main plot of the next movie is expected to focus on the journey of Rey becoming a Jedi Master, under the guidance of Luke Skywalker.” Is it enough proof that she is indeed her lost child?

Meanwhile, it was also dished that the film is now entering the post-production phase with John Williams taking over to do the appropriate musical scoring.

The music composer reportedly accepted the invitation of Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy. He was “enchanted” with how the rumored daughter of Luke Skywalker has delivered her character even before Star Wars: Episode 8.

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Going back to the real identity of Rey, a certain Reddit user has surmised that there is a possibility that she will be the last remaining Jedi’s biggest enemy.

“What if REY was the villain in the making and Kylo became the hero?” Abraxadabra speculated. “What if we find out Luke did kill Reys parents, what if that first rage inside Rey, her emotional attachments to her new friends, etc lead to her downfall?”

Do you think the pull to the dark side would be too strong that Rey would forget about how good Luke Skywalker has been to her in Star Wars: Episode 8?

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