Sperm Donation Banks In China Offer Money To Donors Wanting To Buy Rose Gold iPhone 6s

Sperm Donation Banks In China Offer Money To Donors Wanting To Buy Rose Gold iPhone 6s

It seems that iPhone is as important as basic necessities in China. What else can be the reason for offering rose gold iPhone 6S in exchange of sperm? China Daily a few days back reported how two men went to a hospital to donate their organs so they can buy new iPhones, but then changed their minds later. Considering the craze for iPhones in the country, this new offer looks more sane.


If the story published in the Shanghaiist, a weblog about Shanghai, is to be believed, some of the sperm banks in China are offering 6,000RMB – the exact amount you need to buy a rose gold iPhone 6s in China – to eligible sperm donors. Before the sperm bank decides to pay the man for his sperm, he will have to go through medical examination and only the ones found fertile category will be offered the amount.

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Men who want to donate their sperm will also need to have a college degree and a Chinese ID card. He should also not have any kind of genetic disease. The report also says that the sperm banks are preferring men over 165 cm tall. The man who fits the bill and is medically fit to donate will receive 6,000 RMB for each 17 ml sample.

According to the weblog, these samples are stored frozen in case the donor becomes infertile in the future. The hospital provides these donors a cozy room, moisturizing cream and required materials to make sperm donation easy and convenient for men.

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