‘Sperm-Blocking’ Male Contraceptive Available Soon Worldwide

‘Sperm-Blocking’ Male Contraceptive Available Soon Worldwide

Women all over the world might get excited a little bit as a sperm-blocking male contraceptive might be available soon worldwide. This injected contraceptive is the first reversible contraceptive available for men.


The technology, called Vasalgel, is an injectable type of male contraceptive that is predicted to change the male reproductive health industry. Today, the commonly used birth control products or procedures that are available for men are condoms and vasectomy. But unlike the Vasalgel, which can be reversed anytime, vasectomy is permanent.

According to Dr. Elaine Lissner of the Persemus Foundation, the Vasalgel works by injecting the Vasalgel, which is a gel-like substance, into the vas deferens, a duct where sperm passes through. The Vasalgel then fills in a portion of the duct, forming a barrier that prevents the sperm cells from passing through. The sperm cells will then be ‘reabsorbed’ by the body.

Lissner said the company eyes a massive clinical trial on humans before this year ends, adding that they have gone so far for this project and their work has provided promising results to date. The animal trial of Vasalgel on rabbits showed promising results as 11 of 12 male rabbits that were injected with the contraceptive showed no quantifiable level of sperm on their semen. The contraceptive also took effect quite faster in only 29 days after the injection, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) reported.

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The foundation  noted that aside from being a reversible contraceptive, Vasalgel is a non-hormonal and has a long-lasting potency. Initially, its developer claimed that it could block sperm cells for 12 months. Also, Persemus added that since it’s a non-hormonal treatment, it does not interfere with the body’s chemistry, which is one of the major criticisms thrown at other contraceptives.

The report added that might soon be available in major drugstores worldwide by 2018.

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