SpaceX Explosion Photo: UFO, Aliens Sabotage Launch?

SpaceX Explosion Photo: UFO, Aliens Sabotage Launch?
SpaceX Falcon9 CRS7 Explosion Michael Seeley / Flickr cc

Conspiracy theorists believe that the SpaceX explosion that occurred on September 1st was caused by extraterrestrials. This was after a video footage of the explosion showed an indistinct object flying at a distance before and during the explosion.


The explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket occurred at Cape Canaveral, Florida ahead of its planned launch on September 3. The private space firm founded by Tesla founder Elon Musk has been on the forefront of making space travel available for private citizens.

According to Express, the theory has been further fuelled after SpaceX tweeted that there was an “anomaly” on the launch pad before the explosion. The term has been synonymous with UFOs and has also been the preferred term used by governments to address such matters.

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Many of those who have seen the video pointed out that the so called “anomaly” could have been a bird or insect. While this is the most logical explanation, conspiracy theorists believe this is also the most convenient way to hide truth. They also think that the timing is too good for it to be just a coincidence.

Most of them took to social media suggesting that an alien strike was the reason behind the explosion. Many asking the Tesla CEO about what really happened on the launch pad.

Space X Sabotage By Aliens?

According to Gizmodo, Musk revealed that it was not an explosion that took out the rocket but a very fast fire. The Falcon 9 rocket was currently undergoing tests and was set to carry an artificial satellite into orbit.

The satellite to be utilized by Facebook to spot-beam broadband for its free internet program. This would have enabled the social media giant to provide access to its website for those in faraway places.

This is not the first time a private space firm suffered setbacks. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic also lost one of its space craft along with the test pilot.

Aliens foiling the efforts of multinational space firms seem to be a farfetched idea, and it probably is. For now, SpaceX must pick though the debris of its rocket to find out what really happened.

Watch the video below.

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  • yaridanjo

    I think the Cenos ET aliens ‘got our number’ After all, they havae been visiting Earth for about 4300 years and know the kind of human garbage we elect to lead us.
    The Cenos aliens were reluctant to give an OK for the HANDS beings to share information about the Cenos with the humans and wanted to check the humans out first.[94,95] The Cenos aliens are from a different solar system than HANDS beings.[88] The entire Cenos sky is lit-up.[111] They know of humans, and had visited us during WW II.[97,100] Humans were afraid of them, and we (humans) were the most warlike beings they knew of.[100] They only wanted to observe humans, but did not want to give them technology as it would hinder their evolution.[101] Humans were closer to the HANDS level of evolution.[115] They considered humans primitive because they had not learned to fly through space nor live together.[101,102] They could access human minds when humans were asleep.[112] The Cenos would know when humans took photos of the back side of the Moon.[139]