‘Space Jam’ 2: Lebron James Reveals Movie Delay Reason

‘Space Jam’ 2: Lebron James Reveals Movie Delay Reason
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For a long time it was rumored that Lebron James was the main cast in Space Jam 2. While the production company decided not to comment on the speculations, the 31 year old NBA player has finally decided to share some details for the fans.


In a recent interview, Lebron James discussed about the sequel for Space Jam. Furthermore, the NBA player also revealed why the movie is currently on hold.

According to Business Insider, Lebron James revealed to their US Editor-in-Chief, Alyson Shontell that they “want to make sure that its right” and also neither Lebron James nor the production company “want to rush it.”

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The classic Space Jam by Warner Bros. in 1996 was a blockbuster hit movie. Michael Jordon was the main cast and the involvement of MJ with Looney toon characters was loved by fans throughout the world.

Lebron James revealed in the interview that Warner Bros. and Michael Jordon did an “unbelievable thing” for his own childhood as well as other kids from his generation. Moreover, he also said that he has a “great partnership with Warner Bros.” as well.

While Lebron James was certainly entertained by the classic Space Jam movie, it looks like Michael Jordon would rather choose Blake Griffin for the sequel.

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Most of the fans are still rooting for Lebron James to play in Space Jam 2. However, it looks like the studio still hasn’t made their finally decision. Moreover, Lebron James has established that he “would love to” to be cast in the movie but hasn’t confirmed his officially casting.

Space jam 2 project has been confirmed but the film is still currently in its early stages of production.

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