South China Sea WW3 Tensions High! China Provoking PH, US Deploys Troops

South China Sea WW3 Tensions High! China Provoking PH, US Deploys Troops
USS Gridley Action DVIDSHUB/Flickr CC by 2.0

South China Sea continues to be source of tensions for countries like Philippines and China as the latter just rammed a boat carrying Filipino fishermen. Furthermore, the United States is reportedly coming to the Philippines’ rescue by deploying troops and setting up military bases to deter Chinese aggression.


According to reports, a boat with 11 Filipino fishermen was rammed by Chinese Coast Guard rubber boats at Panatag Shoal (international name: Scarborough Shoal). The incident happened earlier in March and is expected to push the tensions over the disputed region further. According to the fishermen, Chinese Coast Guard drove them away twice: on March 5 and March 6.

“One of their rubber boats carried three men in uniform. [They] approached us and told us in English to leave,” Inquirer quoted Junmar Pumicpic, 25, captain of the FB Bubhoy.

“This is China Coast Guard. Go back to Subic,” the fisherman quoted the China coast guards.

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“We were surprised that they knew we were from Subic. After telling us to leave, they returned to the shoal and we thought [that was it],” added Pumicpic.

Since the encounter, the Philippines passed a case in the United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration to challenge China’s claims to the disputed region, as reported by Inquirer. Nonetheless, the filing only infuriated China and the country has started initiating activities in Panatag.

However, the Philippines won’t have to face China’s threat alone as a new report from the Wall Street Journal says that US forces will soon be in Philippine military bases in light of the threat. According to the report, US troops will be included in five Philippine military bases following high-level talks in Washington. The agreement involving the deployment of troops to the country is in line with “Obama administration’s strategy of rebalancing attention and resources to the Asia-Pacific region.”

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  • G Man

    China cannot fool the world this time. 

    China is the only instigator in SCS when they are very ADAMANT of claiming most of South china sea by force and needed to control it…. by building seven fake islands in SCS contested area and militarizing it.

    China was “changing the operational landscape” in the South China Sea by deploying missiles and radar as part of an effort to militarily dominate East and South Asia. 

    China even block small fishermen close to the contested area and kill their livelihood.

    China is a master of DOUBLE TALKING. The world should not trust and believe on any of China’s good words.

    China is offering negotiations on South china sea disputed area to avoid noticing by the world of China’s serious provocation, unlawful, and irresponsible behavior in SCS in the first place.

    China is using reverse psychology by blaming the USA or other countries of provocation so as the World will not see China as the sole instigator in SCS by building Fake islands near or in the INTERNATIONAL SEA LANE. 

    China’s actions in South china sea contested area were in serious provocation, unlawful, and irresponsible. 

    The USA and the world must unite to stop this unlawful and provocative behavior of China in SCS contested area. 


    China is just a bully, greedy, selfish and deceitful country.

  • elmerfud

    Temporary.. china knows this .. all of your efforts are temporary… unless becoming NAZI CHINA..
    then you can test.. the cycle will start again… but the sad truth in the end no one wins….

    China knows this..


    your time will come…but on a negative aspect… your goin DOWN CHINA!!

  • Zhmz Shorthouse

    penoys just have to go back to the handshake documents between their ex-colonial masters, they will find exactly where is their water boundary should ends…trying to reach out of the boundary, the resualt can be predicted…