South China Sea WW3: Russia & China Begin Discreet Naval Operations in Disputed Region

South China Sea WW3: Russia & China Begin Discreet Naval Operations in Disputed Region
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC

Several Asian nations lay claim to the South China Sea region but this has not stopped other countries like the United States from being involved. As the tides continue to turn, Russia has seemingly set its eyes over the disputed region as a likely ally to China. Is this the start of a new world war? 


Russia Sides with China

Tensions in the South China Sea are high more than ever as several countries condemn China’s aggressive bid to secure the disputed territory. However, while the United States and its allies see China‘s territorial ambitions as threatening, Russia argues that the tensions are created artificially.

In fact, Russia’s ambassador claims that it’s apparent that China is into “securing the freedom of navigation without any complicating circumstances more than anyone else.” Russian Ambassador to Beijing Andrey Denisov told journalists in an interview claimed that the tensions in the region are made up especially because of outside interference.

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“If not accusations then at least suspicions against China voiced by some world capitals regarding restrictions if not say a threat for the freedom of navigation, according to Russian experts, are artificial and have no relation to reality,” TASS quoted the ambassador.

Alarming Alliance

Nonetheless, more than just being the seemingly “sound voice” amidst the tensions, another claim suggest s that Russia is acting in favor of China’s interests. Emanuele Scimia revealed that Russia’s naval move appears to be in coordinated with China. Such move in the contested Senkaku/Diaoyu islands has also raised alarms on where Russia really stands.

According to South China Morning Post, there have been doubts about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s scheduled visit to China later this month. Some believe that there may be coordinated moves between Beijing and Moscow in the East China Sea. In fact, the report also claimed that the Japanese tracked three Russian naval vessels navigating near the near disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands on June 8. The possible alliance is now under scrutiny as the region has more than enough players vying for power and rights over the South China Sea that things could turn even more complicated with consequences felt across the globe.

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  • JMFournier

    Call me a pessimist, 🙂 but I see 2 large countries getting cozy and doing the same thing. Taking territory that is not theirs to take while the EU starts falling apart. Interesting times are coming and I hope all are prepared.