South China Sea WW3: Relentless Xi Jinping Will Make Sure China Wins War

South China Sea WW3: Relentless Xi Jinping Will Make Sure China Wins War
Xi Jinping Global Panorama / Flickr CC

China is trying to step its game in the military arena as tensions with other countries, particularly in the South China Sea, continue to rise. President Xi Jinping has instructed the military to ramp up its capabilities while carrier-killer missiles are reportedly in tow.


Xi Jinping Wants a Stronger Army

China’s Xi Jinping wants its military to deal with more complicated security challenges. But while China’s growing stature, economical and territorial ambitions have pushed its military image across the globe, this also drew opposition in the process.

Xi emphasized that if the military will do nothing to address its weaknesses and improve capabilities then it would be impossible to manage growing national security risks related to the rising economic position of the nation.

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“There is still a big gap ­between the modernization of our army and the demands of ­national security. The gap ­between our army and other ­advanced militaries in the world is still very large,” South China Morning Post quoted an article from PLA Daily about Xi’s plans.

According to analysts, the article was published at a time when tensions are rising over territorial disputes and military command structure is undergoing an overhaul. It also emphasized how Xi wanted to make sure that its military’s all-round capabilities are improved. This is as opposed to focusing on just the creation and use of hi-tech weapons or cyberwarfare.

“There would be serious political implications if our army could not win a war in the battlefield,” the article said.

President Xi also added: “Obedience to the party’s command is the first priority for building the army, and the lifeline of the army,” Xi said.

“If we do not stick to this, the army would become a loser no matter how hard it worked on ­other things.”

Carrier-Killer Weapons 

This is not to say that China is letting go of its technology explorations. According to National Interest, China is working on a “carrier-killer” weapons and some analysts see the real danger that these weapons possess.

““Official commentary at China’s September 2015 military parade stated that the DF-26 also has an antiship variant, indicating it has joined the DF-21D as an ASBM. If true, this variant likely would enable the PLA to target US aircraft carriers and other vessels as far as Guam (its precise range has not been confirmed),” explained a report related to the US China Economic Security Review Commission.

“The PLA has not conducted a successful publicly-reported test of either missile against a moving target at sea, and the additional range of the DF-26 likely complicates the targeting challenge China already faces with the DF-21D.”

The report emphasized that such capabilities are still uncertain but National Interest argued that the capabilities of the weapons will likely grow in the years to come. Beijing could work on perfecting the technology. It would still do countries well to allot healthy skepticism over the matter and given what China is trying to attempt.

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