South China Sea WW3: China Ready To Retaliate Against US Attack

South China Sea WW3: China Ready To Retaliate Against US Attack

‘Don’t mess with us’. China has issued a stern warning anew against the United States that it should stop its mission in the disputed region in the South China Sea. This came after The U.S claimed that Chinese fighter jets had an unsafe distance with an American navy plane traversing the international air space.


But China on Wednesday belied U.S’ allegations that two of its J-11 fighter jets had a close and unsafe distance with a flying U.S navy plane. In fact, its jets only monitored the U.S fighter jets at an ‘acceptable distance’, The Guardian reported.

Speaking before a group of reporters, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said the two J-11 of Chinese navy operated in a professional manner when it spotted the jets from the U.S Navy. He vehemently denied the allegations from the Pentagon saying that the Tuesday incident was an unsafe behavior from the Chinese side.

But John Kirby, spokesperson for the U.S State Department said there are a lot of ways that the two countries could communicate.

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“The problem isn’t, ‘Are you talking?’ The problem is this kind of behavior, this very unsafe and dangerous behavior in the air which puts people’s lives at risk unnecessarily,” Kirby was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

In a separate report from the CNBC News, Liu Zhenmin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said should there be any instances of provocation from the U.S side, then China is ready to defend itself. Zhenmin, however, said the Chinese people, as much as possible, do not want to go into war with any country.

“The Chinese people do not want to have war, so we will be opposed to [the] U.S. if it stirs up any conflict. Of course, if the Korean War or Vietnam War are replayed, then we will have to defend ourselves,” Zhenmin was quoted as saying by the CNBC News.

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  • China begin to act and talk like North Korea Kim Jung Un!

  • wfraser11

    “The chinese people do not want to have a war,,,,so china will be opposed to the isa if it tries to stir up any trouble”……………so lets take this pavlovian statement apart. china is opposed to the usa and it considers the isa a problem. Hostile, non informative and totally meaningless propaganda. I feel sorry for china. unless they kill any americans. Then its katy bar the door.

  • disqus_Rv1GqOyTeN

    Why is US flying it spy plane so close to the Chinese coastline, only a few hundred miles south of Hong Kong? It is nowhere near the disputed area. I bet US will not tolerate any Chinese spy plane flying close to the California coast either.