South China Sea WW3 Alert: Duterte Changing The Tides Of War, China Becomes More Aggressive

South China Sea WW3 Alert: Duterte Changing The Tides Of War, China Becomes More Aggressive
Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivering his first State of the Nation Address at Batasang Pambansa on July 25. Presidential Communications Operations Office Public Domain

The South China Sea is a tensed region that has got superpowers scrambling to find powerful allies and flex muscles. Likewise, China has become more aggressive and assertive in its territorial bid which could mean more tensions in the region as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is also looking to change the tides.


“Rodrigo Duterte is a maddening, murderous maverick who’s achieved a weird feat in the South China Sea (SCS)—delivering benefits to both China and the United States. His swing towards China offers Beijing all sorts of goodies, from the possibility of a bilateral deal in the SCS to a chance to unbalance the US rebalance,” wrote Graeme Dobell.

Duterte Changing The Tides Of War

According to the report, the Duterte adninistration’s benefit from the US could just be fleeting and could seen become more damaging to the alliance. However, what is even more interesting is that Duterte has handed Washington a gift: the South China Sea crisis did not take place.

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“The new Philippines president changed the immediate tone of the SCS argument at an otherwise dangerous moment. Sometimes the mad and bad throw up unusual chances,” Dobell added.

China Becomes More Aggressive

Likewise, a new expert said has shed light on the reason China has been pushing assertively with its territorial bid in the South China Sea. The Lowy Institute’s director of the East Asia Program Dr Merriden Virrall shared that the world will not be able to gain anything by forcing China to adopt another’s view could be futile.

“According to China’s world view, it was a respected, peaceful, powerful global actor,” quoted Dr Varrall.

“This is how things were, should be, and will be. They believe it’s just a matter of time before they take back that role.”

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  • Juan_Di_Tamad

    China 2050 Vision
    China under their 2050 vision, had plans to help and unite the whole asia region to create a super asian union of countries that will stretch out all the way from caspian sea, bay of bengal, temor sea, east Philippine sea, East Japanese & Korean sea. Under that white paper, China in Philippines alone plans to invest over 1 Trillion US$ in 10 years program to transform the country into a modern, slick society.

    China plans to build super highways from Northern Luzon all the way to Southern Mindanao, help build bridges, airports, terminal ports, schools, hospitals and other public infrastructure. Develop Philippine energy needs by building more refinery, LNG plants, power plants that includes nuclear technology. Develop transportation system by building trains tracks and station. Chinese investors in collaboration with local businessman will help build sky scrappers, condominium, modern houses affordable to all Filipinos. Help transform Philippines to be one of the food basket of the world, help develop Philippines aquatic food production.

    The white paper also consider Philippines as their next technology, space manufacturing hub and one of the Philippine island as space launching pad in China’s dream to colonized Mars. The list of good news just go on and on.

    China considers Philippines just like a “prodigal son”, lost from its fathers arms just got confused by so many invaders from the past. The Spaniards who ruled for over 300 years and ripped the country of its gold then sold to Americans for a very cheap price. The Americans killed thousands of Muslim from Mindanao who resisted the occupation. Then Japanese invaded the Philippines killing hundred of thousand of Filipinos including brutally raping women and children. Worse the so called liberator Americans, pulverized the ancient city of Manila killing more civilian in the process. China is also a victim of barbaric Japanese invasion the rape of Nanking was the most horrific human right violation ever.

    China had never invaded nor had conflict with Philippines, throughout the history Chinese and Filipinos travel and traded freely across this ocean. Chinese and Filipinos are very friendly with each other before the colonizer arrived. In 14th century, a Filipino Sulu Sultan who past away while visiting China was given a splendid mausoleum built for kings by the Chinese emperor to honor his Sulu Sultan friend. Jose Rizal the Philippine national hero has a Chinese heritage, China is so proud of him they built him a statue in his heritage town. Most of our former Presidents and leaders even ordinary Filipino citizen can trace their roots in mainland China.

    Today more and more Chinese calls Philippines their home, peacefully trading business and hopes that Philippines will come back and join the family again and be “prodigal son” no more……