South China Sea WW3 Alert: China And Russia Threaten US, Forces Ready To Destroy America

South China Sea WW3 Alert: China And Russia Threaten US, Forces Ready To Destroy America
US Navy 100215-N-8421M-185 Ships operate in formation in the South China Sea U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David Mercil / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Russia and China have started flexing their muscles in time for the South China Sea war games, what many see as a show of force against third-party interventions like the United States.


As China pushes with its South China Sea ambitions and finds itself at odds with the United States, a powerful ally like Russia is expected to shift the dynamics. Will Russia and China be successful against the West?

China and Russia Threaten US with Massive War Force

Dubbed as “Naval Interaction – 2016,”  Russia and China launched their massive war games in the South China Sea. According to reports, the ambitious drills will last up to eight days and will be conducted in the air, coastal and maritime zones of the disputed sea.

According to RT’s Roman Kosarev, the opening ceremony of the start of the exercises was marked by a tug-of-war contest between Russian and Chinese sailors. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Moscow group comprised of “anti-submarine warfare ships ‘Admiral Tributs’ and ‘Admiral Vinogradov’, the major landing ship ‘Peresvet’, the sea tug ‘Alatau’ and the ‘Pechenga’ tanker.”

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The organization also confirmed that Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit leads the group.

“During the entrance into the foreign port, the [Russian] military seamen of both countries fired “international salute” (21 volleys from each side),” added the ministry.

The joint drills have kicked off last September 12 and will last until September 19. Likewise, the ministry also explained that the exercises “will take place …in the air, coastal and maritime zones of the South China Sea.”

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 Russian and Chinese Friendship

According to another report from FOX, the exercises will cover defensive and rescue drills, anti-submarine exercises and the simulated seizure of an enemy island using marines from both nations.

Chinese navy spokesman Liang Yang said that the military cooperation is alongside the annual initiative that “aims to consolidate and advance the Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, and deepen friendly and practical cooperation between the two militaries.”

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  • mik mak

    The Russians suck slanty Chinese cock ! Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit slipped it in the rear of Xi Jinping. Its the widest his eyes have opened since coming to power !!

  • Evil_Annie_2015

    They can play all they want because the moment real shots are fired they will not stand a chance…:)

    • Luke Harper

      yes they will, the U.S wouldn’t stand a chance if Russia and China attacked

      • Evil_Annie_2015

        I see, will Russia and China send their soldiers swimming to America? 🙂

  • Teresa Howell

    Obama has made such a mess our of our poor army until I wonder if we can defeat anything.

  • Michelxya

    Well sometimes a bully (America) picks the wrong fight against the wrong people. I guess this time is now.

  • Boogie Balanza

    1)China was successful in removing U.S. Military bases in the Philippines through it’s influence in Philippine politics.
    2)China made an Islands in South China Sea for preparations to control the South China Sea and to conquer the Philippines.
    3)China will influence the Philippine government by stopping the U.S. Navy patrols in West Philippine Sea.
    4)China will start transporting military to the Philippines disguise as tourist, civilians in fishing boat, small ships that may alongside in beaches and regroup in military uniforms, once completed that transport and start to conquer military camps and police stations.
    5)In that way Filipinos are hostages and U.S. Military and U.N. Military cannot invade because they will kill Filipinos each time the U.S. Military and U.N. Military attack to rescue Philippines.
    6)China completely control the South China Sea that no any commercial ships and Navy ships of anti China countries can pass by the South China Sea and some countries will break away from U.N. alliance to have a new alliance with China.

  • mike schwarzer

    The biggest Terrorist and general shit disturber is the US. The whole world knows it. There is no doubt if you have an honest perspective that the US war machine needs a spanking and have been spoiling to start something. Provocateur, and America does more terror acts any other country. Shall we bomb another hospital or do queer things to prisoners. How about blackwater, driving and indiscriminately killing people on the roadside. How about spent uranium shells poisoning the water tables. How about the nearly 1 million killed by US in Iraq, or how soldiers when on money raids as most Iraqi’s keep their money in their homes. Terrorists since prior to being attracted not one american had every been injuries. We went from that to these guys and their sick philosophy to the US – we made ourselves a target. We’ve been tearing apart countries year after year. It seems the US is run by gangsters.