South China Sea War: China Prepares ‘New Weapon’

South China Sea War: China Prepares ‘New Weapon’

An all out war may be brewing as China is reportedly working on a new set of weapons for the South China Sea dispute. At the other end of the spectrum, however, the United States is calling out for a resolution over the tensions. Is there hope still or just an all out war waiting to happen?


China’s New Weapon 

China made its ambitions clear over the South China Sea region. The country maintains its historical right over the area, as other nations push their own rights over the said region. With trillions of dollars worth of trade at stake, analysts suggest that whoever gains leverage over the region could tilt the world order and powers – thus the seemingly aggressive nature of Beijing in making sure it has control over the area. 

According to National Interest, China may have found a way to develop new weapons in relation to the South China Sea dispute. While coast guards across the globe seem to have been overlooked throughout the years, China is realizing their worth.

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According to the report, China’s coast guard is more equipped than most. Particularly, China’s coast guard boasts of a combative ship named CCG3210. The more muscular Chinese coast guard has met opposition from Indonesia and potentially from other countries if Beijing continues to push its territorial ambitions.

US Seeking Peaceful South China Sea Resolution 

In all of this, China’s seemingly biggest opponent remains to be the United States. The two countries have been in a series of accusations and near military confrontations although the United States recently said that it is seeking a more peaceful resolution over the South China Sea dispute. 

“The United States will make it clear that we are looking for a peaceful resolution to …  the disputes of the South China Sea,” USA Today quoted U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. 

“Let’s not resolve this by unilateral action; let’s resolve this through rule of law, through diplomacy, through negotiation.

“And we urge all nations to find a diplomatic solution, rooted in international standards and rule of law.”

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