South China Sea Tensions High As China & US Exchange Tirades Over Disputed Islands

South China Sea Tensions High As China & US Exchange Tirades Over Disputed Islands
USS Gridley Action DVIDSHUB/Flickr CC by 2.0
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China and the United States are squaring off in another part of the globe as the former just warned the latter to stay out of the South China Sea dispute. Beijing called out the West to say that it should not project itself as an “international judge” on the issue in the conflicted region.


On Monday, China asked the United States not to meddle with the South China Sea issue, specifically, acting as an international judge for those involved. A spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Hong Lei, said the comments during a daily press briefing, according to CCTV. The official made the remarks following the statement of Daniel Kritenbrink, U.S. White House senior director for Asian affairs, on The Hague’s ruling. Kritenrbink said that that decision “will be binding on both parties” in light of the Philippines’ complaint.

In early 2013, the Philippines raised the arbitration case which has persisted until now. China has not participated in the proceedings, saying that the dispute must be addressed by the countries involved. China also denounced the calls to stop its supposed militarization of the disputed island.

“Just as Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, non-militarization requires coordination from countries within and outside the region,” said Hong. “I would like to remind the U.S. that it is liable to respect the rights of contracting parties of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea though the U.S. is unwilling to accede into the Convention.”

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Furthermore, a new report from the South China Morning Post, suggests that China has not been deterred from its efforts despite pleas from concerned parties. The country’s military expenses is expected to jump in leaps to support troop lay-offs in its effort to modernize things. According to analysts, spending should be higher particularly at the cost of laying off many troops in an effort to improve efficiency and military technology

“I think even an increase of 20 per cent would be acceptable this time, even though it would be the highest since 2007,” the report quoted a source close to the People’s Liberation Army said. “A big reduction in troops doesn’t mean the PLA will cut the budget immediately as it should allocate a certain proportion of spending for retirement pay or other lay-off compensation in the coming two years,” the source said.

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