South China Sea News: China To Impose Own Navigation Rules Over Region

South China Sea News: China To Impose Own Navigation Rules Over Region
US Navy 120207-N-LP801-038 USS Germantown is underway in the South China Sea U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Raul Moreno Jr. / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

With only a few days before the UN tribunal in The Hague issues its decision on the territorial dispute case filed by the Philippines, China has made a bold move in a bid to cement its claim in the highly contested South China Sea.


This time, China has taken a bold step by imposing its own navigation rule. This means that countries passing through the vast body of water must seek China’s permission first.

Marking Its Territory

According to a report from Forbes, China’s stance in the bid to mark the territory as its own has reached an unprecedented level through harsher language. This had developed days after the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague announced over the weekend that it is set to issue the ruling on July 12.

The court’s announcement sent chills to the Chinese, prompting China to resort to more aggressive means. This includes the holding of five-day Naval drills in parts of the South China Sea. The drills kicked off Tuesday and will run until the 11th, a day before the court is scheduled to release the much-awaited ruling.

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A Clear Message

“China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and the adjacent waters. The core of the disputes between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea is issues of territorial sovereignty resulting from the Philippines’ illegal seizure and occupation of certain maritime features from China in the Nash Islands, and issues concerning maritime delimitation between the two States.

“These are also exactly the essence of the Arbitration instituted by the Philippines,” the Chinese Society of International Law Source: People’s Daily Online wrote in an editorial published in Chinese newspaper Global Times.

China has repeatedly said it has no intention of participating in the unilaterally initiated case filed by the Philippines in The Hague, nor it would recognize the court’s decision regardless of the outcome.

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  • Lapu Lapu

    The ccp is making sure china will become the BIG NORTH KOREA.

  • AgileThinking

    That is China’s position. It’s not based on modern law or accepted by most modern nations. Most nations would just LOVE to extend their claims beyond the 12/200 mile line agreed by the UN…but just because China wants it, doesn’t make it right.

    It’s the same flawed logic that keeps people fighting each other in the middle east for centuries fighting over what “was theirs in the past”.

    The future is a world of laws and principals (unless your North Korea, which is starving to death in isolation).

    I’m glad that, except with a few counties whom China has threatened with economic sanctions (where China is the primary investor), China is alone on their path to isolation with not even Russia supporting there position on claims beyond the 12/200 mile of sovereignty claim limits.

    I also hope the many other nations ignore China’s illegal claims (or any freedom of navigation restrictions outside of 12 miles of China’s borders…as China has threatened to ignore the tribunal ruling.