South China Sea Dispute: Asian Nations Peaceful Without United States Intervention

South China Sea Dispute: Asian Nations Peaceful Without United States Intervention
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Are countries around the highly contested region of South China Sea capable of fixing this decade-long fight amicable without the United States intervention? With this premise, Japan, another country that’s pushing for a peaceful settlement in this continually increasing tension, proposes a civilian approach of fixing this dilemma.


While some Asian countries await the decision of the United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague for the territorial disputes lodged by the Philippines that question the claim of China on the contested territory, Japan has stepped in and proposed a non-militarized approach to somehow solve this territorial woe, the Asia Sentinel reported.

Civilian Power in South China Sea

This, according to the report, came amid the continued militarization of China in the region and the entry of the U.S forces in the region. For Japan’s part, one effective approach, which was seen to offer an alternative solution to the growing tensions between countries in the region, is to introduce a civilian power in the region.

Japan is particularly keen on tapping some of its civilian law enforcement agencies, including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), its Coast Guard, the JCG, as well as the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.

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Together, this civilian team aims to establish what they called the ‘Maritime Safety and Security Policy’, where junior coast guard officers from other Asian countries will undergo a one-and-a-half year of intensive training in Tokyo. The attendees, who came from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, will be trained as the future leaders in the region equipped with knowledge on non-military approaches in solving territorial disputes so as to avoid the further escalation of the conflict.

Blame Game in South China Sea

As previously reported by the Morning News USA, China recently said that if there’s someone or something to be blamed over the increasing tension in the South China Sea that has reached to an unprecedented level, it’s the United States and not them.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized that China or the Chinese people, for that matter, has always been a believer of a peaceful way of resolving whatever issues it previously had with individual countries. He further puts the blame on the Americans over the conflict in the region that has peaked to a level that the world has not seen before.

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