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Soundhawk’s Newly Launched Earpiece and App Will Help You Hear Better

Soundhawk’s Newly Launched Earpiece and App Will Help You Hear Better


Soundhawk’s Newly Launched Earpiece and App Will Help You Hear Better

Soundhawk's Newly Launched Earpiece and App Will Help You Hear BetterSoundhawk had just unveiled its Smart Listening System that the company hopes will help those with hearing disorders experience a better life saying that they want to help people “hear more of what matters most”.

The Soundhawk Smart Listening System is composed of three different devices and a single mobile app. The three devices include the Soundhawk earpiece dubbed The Scoop, a wireless microphone, and a charging case.

The Scoop is the central device of the system and can wirelessly connect with all the other components in it. It is a small and light earpiece that measures only 33m in length, 9.5mm in depth, and weighs only 6 grams. It  features only one physical button and has a battery life of up to 8 hours. The Scoop utilizes adaptive audio processing to enhance and reduce specific sound frequencies to both help users hear what they want and reduce unwanted background noise.

The wireless microphone compliments the Scoop by enabling users to position their “ear” more directly for situations where there is an excessive amount of background noise like in restaurants or coffee shops. The  microphone can either be clipped onto the user’s shirt or placed on a surface like a table. The charging case of the Soundhawk is able to charge your Scoop and wireless mic when you’re not using it to give it up to an extra 24 hours of battery life when you’re on the go.

Lastly, the Soundhawk app personalizes the Smart Listening System by creating a unique hearing profile for the user that can be adjusted depending on the acoustics of different environments.

“We designed Soundhawk’s Smart Listening System for people who want to hear, communicate, and connect better in everyday situations and environments,” said Michael Kisch, CEO of Soundhawk. “As our world gets noisier, many people are hearing less of what matters most. At Soundhawk, our mission is to transform the listening experience simply and affordably and empower people to hear the world the way that they want to.”

The Soundhawk is now available for pre-order at the company’s website for a limited time offer of $279.

Soundhawk also announced today that the company has raised $5.5 million from companies and groups like Foxconn, True Ventures, and other investors. Additionally, the company has also entered into a strategic with Foxconn to help Soundhawk develop  and scale its business.

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