‘Sony Xperia Z5’ Ahead Of Competition When It Comes To Camera, Says DxOMark Mobile

‘Sony Xperia Z5’ Ahead Of Competition When It Comes To Camera, Says DxOMark Mobile
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DxOMark Mobile has rated Sony Xperia Z5 one of the best camera phones available today. Read on to know why.

Sony’s smartphones may not be as popular as Samsung’s Galaxy series or iPhones, but the quality of products has always been appreciated. Recently, DxOMark Mobile tested this high-end smartphone from Sony and rated it as one of the best smartphone cameras available today.


While analyzing the picture-taking quality of the phone, DxOMark Mobile listed a few pros and cons of Sony Xperia Z5’s camera. Here’s what the website thinks are the good points of Xperia Z5:

– Impressive auto-focus in all conditions
– Very good white balance and color rendering
– Good flash exposures with good detail preservation and white balance
– Good detail preservation even in low-light conditions
– Less noise in low light

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This was about the picture quality; when it comes to videos, according to the website, Xperia Z5 has impressive image stabilization, good auto-focus, accurate color rendering, accurate white balance, and a good noise level. Sony’s latest smartphone will hit the market with a whopping 23-megapixel camera and will have features like LED flash, phase-detection auto-focus with touch focus, HDR, geo-tagging and panorama stitch.

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It will don a 5.1-megapixel selfie camera which can record videos at 1080 pixels. While adding more to camera details, the website mentioned, “Internal memory storage of 32GB is supplemented by expandable Micro SD storage up to 200GB, allowing you to store plenty of high-resolution photos and videos on Sony’s latest device.”

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Smartphone cameras are becoming an important part of our lives, or shall I say, they are becoming one of the basic necessities of today’s generation. Considering the craze for photography among the younger lots, smartphone manufacturers are focusing more on improving the phone’s camera and video quality. This time, Sony has been successful in bringing this smartphone to the market which no one can compete with – at least today.