Sony To Launch Upgraded PlayStation 4.5 Version In October?

Sony To Launch Upgraded PlayStation 4.5 Version In October?
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Sony is reportedly working on a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 – the PlayStation 4.5, which is capable of producing enhanced graphical power along with games running at 4K resolution.


The upgraded version is likely to be called PlayStation 4.5, which will come fitted with a boosted GPU, capable of empowering the console with more power for running PlayStation VR games supported by heavy processors. The news was cited by “developer sources” at Sony, Kotaku, which further claimed that the Japanese electronic giant has started briefing developers about the new launch.

While the upgraded PlayStation 4.5 will supposedly come out in October 2016, it is still unclear whether the PS4.5 would come as an upgraded version of its previous release, or in an entirely new box.

A lot of hope is riding on this purported upgrade, expected to bring in additional effects clubbed with graphical tweaks to add more appeal to the games for players. Although the gaming site Kotaku is calling it the new PS4.5, it still remains to be seen if the new name is official or a moniker, Tech Times reported.

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The Independent explains the implication of 4K, also called ultra-high resolution. Compared to a regular 1080p HD, 4K displays bear four times more pixels in its screen. While gamers are already enjoying 4K pictures and videos in the currently running PS4, rendering games in such high quality is not easy, but it is is expected to be made possible in the upcoming PS 4.5 version.

There is no mention of pricing details in reports so far, but this mid-generation system will probably cost more than the previous PS4 version, which was sold for $350 last fall and was later dropped to $300 during the holiday season. However, if the PS4.5 turns out to be real, it will be unveiled at Sony’s E3 press conference in the summer, according to reports.

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