Sony Announces Closure of PlayStation Home Virtual Home Next Year

Sony Announces Closure of PlayStation Home Virtual Home Next Year
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playstation%20home Sony Announces Closure of PlayStation Home Virtual Home Next YearSony Corp has announced the closure of its PlayStation Home virtual world. It said it is now collecting whatever it can use from the free alternative to its Second Life, which according to observers has been a flop. The scheduled shut down would be coming in March 31, 2015.


PlayStation Home was launched in 2008. Back then, the electronics manufacturer said development of the virtual world was started by Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio three years before it.

PlayStation Home is a virtual social meeting venue as well a gaming platform that is accessible to PlayStation 3 users through the PlayStation Network or PSN. Through it, users can easily build customized avatars for interaction with others virtually.

A flop

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According to most observers, PlayStation Home did not actually make it big. For them, the service morphed haphazardly in a way that is increasingly bizarre but also well-mentioned.

The company at times used it to be an added media platform for its airing of press conferences. Back in 2011, Sony added virtual TV via Crackle to the social hub. It also did a massive makeover as well as expansion with the re-imagined Hub.

According to some analysts, the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 last year coupled with the emergence of other collaborative virtual worlds like Roblox and Minecraft could also be cited for the demise of PlayStation Home. It can be recalled that during the launch of PS4, Sony clarified that there would be no social space for the new gaming portal. Now, it is taken as an indication of the planned closure of the service.

Gratitude to community

The administrators are set to stop publication of fresh content for the service on November 12, in preparation for the full shut down of the service in March. In the announcement to users, the company simply cited shifting landscape for the cessation.

It added that gamers across the US and Canada could download new content in the platform only until December 3.  But they could still get new releases of free content until March, as a token of gratitude to the service’s community.