Social Media Gets A Buzz with Sanrio’s Declaration that Hello Kitty is Not a Cat

Social Media Gets A Buzz with Sanrio’s Declaration that Hello Kitty is Not a Cat
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HelloKitty Social Media Gets A Buzz with Sanrio’s Declaration that Hello Kitty is Not a CatThe social media got hit by a ‘cat-astrophe’ this past day when news spread about Sanrio’s declaration that the famous Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty is actually not a cat. Most netizens who got shocked by the information used Twitter and Facebook to vent out their thoughts on this information.


The fuzz started when University of Hawaii anthropologist Christine Yano was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying that she was ‘firmly’ corrected by the toy creator about the identity of Hello Kitty. She was writing her texts for the 40th anniversary exhibit of the character at the Japanese American National Museum.

In her own words, Yano said, “I was corrected…Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat.” She added that Sanrio emphasized that in all 40 years of Hello Kitty’s existence, she was never ever depicted ‘on all fours.’ The company reportedly reiterated that Hello Kitty ‘walks and sits just like any two-legged creature.’

Heart of gold

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This information gives light on some of the interesting content to be found at Sanriotown, which is dubbed as the official fan site for Hello Kitty. The Website describes the character as a happy and cheerful little girl who has a ‘heart of gold.’

Kitty, according to Sanrio, is actually Kitty White, a little school girl from London. She has a twin sister named Mimmy. Her parents are Mary White and George White. Aside from baking, Kitty is also taking care of her pets Charmmy Kitty, which is a cat, and Sugar, which is a hamster. Charmmy Kitty was a gift from her dad, while Sugar was given to her by Dear Daniel, a childhood friend.

Timely clarifications

 Later on, amid this little online controversy, a spokesman for Sanrio clarified that the company did not actually say Hello Kitty was not a cat. In a report published by online site Kotaku, Sanrio supposedly clarified that the character was a ‘gijinka,’ Japanese term for ‘personification’ or ‘anthropomorphization.’

Meanwhile, amid this fuzz, the comic strip Peanuts released a statement that its own popular comic character Snoopy ‘IS a dog.’ It used its official Twitter account to make this timely clarification about its own 64-year-old character, in case some people may ask.