Snow White Sister ‘Rose Red’ To Have Own Standalone Film

Snow White Sister ‘Rose Red’ To Have Own Standalone Film
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Snow White has a sister… and she is getting her very own standalone film. Disney is said to be making the movie “Rose Red,” the self-titled hero who’s more adventurous and braver. She will be seen engaged with the seven dwarves to save Snow White from the deadly effects of the poisoned apple.


Rose Red was said to be a stranger in the 1812 story “Snow White,” which Disney made into an animated movie. However, the character was mentioned in Brother’s Grimm’s 17th century fairy tale “Snow White and Rose Red,” reported E! Online.

The latter’s storyline is said to be taken up by Disney after the success of 2013’s “Frozen,” which also featured royal sisters, a common characteristic in “Rose Red.” Furthermore, it was revealed that the making of the movie was in accordance with the trending theme for the company’s films – strong and independent women.

The film has already lodged an official producer, Tripp Vinson, who is currently making “Genie,” a prequel for “Aladdin.”

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In other news, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Evan Daugherty initially pitched the movie for production based on a script written by Justin Merz. In fact, Daugherty’s participation in the upcoming film is no surprise, as he was also the one behind “Snow White and the Huntsman’s” script for Universal.

“Rose Red” is said to be Disney’s latest installment for their live-action projects, especially those that relate to remakes or reinterpretations of the company’s classic animated movies.