Snezana Markoski To Fight With Lana Jeavons For Final Rose, Psychic Predicts ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Ending

Snezana Markoski To Fight With Lana Jeavons For Final Rose, Psychic Predicts ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Ending
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“The Bachelor Australia” is getting more dramatic with the entry of two intruders. The girls in the show have not taken the move quite well as the bachelor, Sam Wood, seems to be interested in one of them. The final rose day is approaching soon. Let’s find out what spiritual medium Harry T has to say about it.


According to Harry T, Snezana Markoski will be the one to win the show this year. This is not going to be without competition as she will be fighting Lana Jeavons, the newcomer of the show. He also predicted that Lana would have won Sam Wood’s attention had she been present in the show from the beginning.

The Melbourne-based celebrity psychic also mentioned that he is not a fortune teller and only gives results based on the most probable scenarios. He mentioned, “I believe the timing factor is in Snezana’s favour and will be the trivial point of difference between the final two girls.”

While talking about the other popular contestant on “The Bachelor Australia,” Harry said, “Heather I did feel should make the the final three however now I am feeling she may not make the cut (due to additional girls coming in) and she definitely won’t be the winner.”

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While Harry believes Markoski is the “The Bachelor Australia” winner, some speculations suggest differently. The way Heather talked in a previous interview made speculations center around her as the ultimate winner.

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This time, the show’s host, Osher Gunsberg, said, “I think Heather’s the only one that understands that too. The other girls, they use the word ‘threat’. They take it quite personally. But Heather is the only one who said: ‘Look, he doesn’t take much time at all. He and I hit it off on the first night. Of course he could do that with Lana.’ But good for Lana — nice one!”

So it may even be a contest between Heather and Lana for the final rose. As the finale is inching closer, speculations are flying high about the identity of the winner. We will keep you updated as we get more news.