Snapchats Of DJ Khaled’s Ordeal Show Him Lost At Sea

Snapchats Of DJ Khaled’s Ordeal Show Him Lost At Sea
Snapchat AdamPrzezdziek / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

DJ Khaled is already well-known in Snapchat. He has been documenting his day-to-day life regularly through this app. Usually, more of his posts show him eating four-course meals or watering the plants, but the recent one was a lot different. The recent Snapchats of DJ Khaled’s ordeal showed that he was not happy, even with a full stomach.


People who follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat are already aware about his jet ski riding skills. It is something that he does for pleasure. High-speed jet ski riding can be an adventurous thing to do, and it is something DJ Khaled is really good at.

However, even his skills were of no use yesterday as seen in the Snapchats of DJ Khaled’s ordeal, when he found himself stuck at sea after the sun had set so quickly. This time, there was some real drama, and DJ Khaled did not miss the chance to capture the moments of the trouble via Snapchat, which is very likely of him.

Khaled was to visit the house of Rick Ross for lunch, and to cover the distance, he took out his jet ski. Things were going smooth at the beginning. As soon as it went dark, the situation started to go out of hand for DJ Khaled.

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The Snapchats of DJ Khaled’s ordeal show him pleading for app users to call for help as he was lost at sea away from home. Fortunately, he made it back.