Snapchat Users No Longer Need To Hold Down Fingers, Just A Tap Would Do

Snapchat Users No Longer Need To Hold Down Fingers, Just A Tap Would Do
Snapchat AdamPrzezdziek / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A big change is in store for users of the Snapchat application. With a new update of the app for iOS and Android devices, users will no longer have to hold a finger down in order to view snaps and stories. From now on, just a single tap on the snap or story will be required to make it play. Nonetheless, one can still skip through by tapping a finger on the screen.


This update isn’t much of a surprise as Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel hinted at this change during the Code Conference in May, saying, “It’s just kind of annoying to hold your finger there for so long.”

Besides this big change, the update will enable users to use two new ways to add friends, the first one being the “add nearby” feature. Users can now find new friends by selecting the new option in the Add Friends menu called Add Nearby. Upon selection of this option, a list of everyone in the vicinity who is also in that menu is made available. One can add friends by tapping their usernames inside this menu.

Now users can also use images of Snapchat QR codes in their camera roll to add friends. The process of adding is going to be simplified as one can just screenshot the BooR code you’d like to add and then choose “Add by Snapcode.”

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Apart from this, an exciting change has also been made to Snapchat. Now users can customize their BooR code right inside the app. The front camera will open and snap a burst of five shots when a user will tap on the ghost on the QR code.

Since its inception, the tap-and-hold feature of Snapchat made it exceptional as it promoted active engagement. This new update that will allow users to watch snaps without holding down a finger does sound exciting and convenient, but it also deprives the app of its distinctive feature.